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Welcome to the Encyclopedia of Life's Open Data portal!

This is our platform for serving data to users who prefer downloadable files. Various categories of datasets are present, from source files provided by our data partners, to aggregate files of all available data for certain traits. Most of the data you will find here is in modified DarwinCore Archive or CSV format. We are still populating the platform with frequently used datasets from the open data holdings of EOL. New files will appear over time.

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EOL Dynamic Hierarchy Data Sets

The Encyclopedia of Life (EOL,

  • EOL Dinosauria Patch (dino)

    Dinosaurs, including extinct birds to complement coverage of the COL & IOC data sets. References Averianov,...
  • EOL Dynamic Hierarchy

    Currently active Dynamic Hierarchy and archived versions. For more information, see:...

EOL computer vision pipelines group

Members are Jen, Eli and Katie at the moment.