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This zip archive records all of the trait records in EOL's graph database. It contains five .csv files: pages.csv listing taxa and their names, traits.csv with trait records, metadata.csv with auxiliary records referred to by trait records, inferred.csv (see below) and terms.csv listing all of the relationship URIs in the database. For a description of the schema, see

inferred.csv lists additional taxa to which a trait record applies by taxonomic inference, in addition to the ancestral taxon to which it is attached. For instance, the record describing locomotion=flight for Aves is also inferred to apply to most of the descendants of Aves, except for any flightless subclades that are excluded from the inference pattern. All the trait record referred to in the 2nd column of the inferred file have full records available in the traits file.

THIS RESOURCE IS UPDATED MONTHLY. It is not archived regularly. Please save your download if you want to be able to refer to it at a later date

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