identifier map

A mapping of taxon identifiers from major classification sources to EOL, of the form:

node_id, resource_pk, resource_id, page_id, preferred_canonical_for_page

  • node_id: internal to EOL; useful for some API calls
  • resource_pk: identifier according to the classification provider
  • resource_id: identifies the classification provider (see below)
  • page_id: EOL taxon concept identifier; official, for sharing
  • preferred_canonical_for_page: canonical name preferred by EOL for this taxon concept

resource_ids, their names and descriptions, are available at:

to view one at a time:[enter ID here]

Included classification providers:

commas within entries are "escaped, by, quoting", and quotes-within-quotes are ""double quoted""

Updated on the first Monday of every month.

the command to build this is nohup rails r "Node.dump_provider_ids" > log/provider_ids.log & ?

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