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  • National Checklists 2019

    Lists of taxa for each country and a few other administrative zones harvested from effechecka using simplified versions of geonames polygons. See...
  • MIP EOL Microbes Patch

    Bacteria & microbial Eukaryotes to complement NCBI & WoRMS coverage. Hierarchy follows NCBI & Adl et al. 2019. References Adl, S. M., et al. 2019. Revisions to the...
  • Mexican Amphibians

    Morphological and life history data about amphibian taxa that are found in Mexico. Data from "A statistical assessment of population trends for data deficient Mexican...
  • EOL Trilobites Patch

    Trilobite species from the Paleobiology database.
  • EOL Dynamic Hierarchy Trunk (trunk)

    This is the trunk for the EOL reference hierarchy. It determines the relationships among the higher taxa and adds a few taxa that are not covered by other resources. The EOL DH...
  • EOL Mammals Patch

    Mammal taxa to complement ITIS mammal data & support mammal trait data sets. References Abello, M.A., Reyes, M.D.L., Candela, A.M., Pujos, F., Voglino, D., Quispe, B.M.,...
  • Palm Traits 1.0

    Kissling, W. Daniel et al. (2019), Data from: PalmTraits 1.0, a species-level functional trait database for palms worldwide, v4, Dryad, Dataset,...
  • McDaniel et al, 2012

    McDaniel, Stuart F.; Atwood, John; Burleigh, J. Gordon (2012), Data from: Recurrent evolution of dioecy in bryophytes, Dryad, Dataset, https://doi.org/10.5061/dryad.101tb
  • Sabath et al, 2016

    Sabath, Niv et al. (2016), Data from: Dioecy does not consistently accelerate or slow lineage diversification across multiple genera of angiosperms, Dryad, Dataset,...
  • Bad Synonyms

    taxonIDs of synonyms that should be removed from DH 1.1
  • NMNH Botany Plant Habit Data

    Plant growth form data from specimen labels in the collections of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History Botany Department.
  • English Vernaculars for Landmark Taxa

    English common names for EOL landmark taxa and families.
  • EOL Earthworms Patch (EET) - active

    Taxonomic hierarchies & species lists for Crassiclitellata, Haplotaxidae, Moniligastridae, Syngenodrilidae, Tiguassuidae to complement Catalogue of Life coverage. Compiled...
  • Water Body Checklists

    Species checklists created using effechecka and modified polygons from IHO. The polygons were reduced in resolution.
  • National Checklists

    Lists of taxa for each country and a few other administrative zones harvested from effechecka using simplified versions of geonames polygons. See...
  • Trait records sample

    This file is part of an API design process and is placed here for internal review. It contains trait records for Carnivora, and neighboring files.
  • Vertebrate traits

    This zip archive records all of the current trait records in EOL's graph database, for vertebrate taxa. It contains four .csv files: pages.csv listing taxa and their names,...
  • EOL Dynamic Hierarchy, digest form, January 2019

    'Digest' of the EOL dynamic hierarchy prepared by querying the online traits database. Unlike the full DH files, this file provides only the bare minimum information for each...
  • EOL Hierarchy Entries April 2017

    This is a file listing all EOL hierarchy entries along with associated name strings, mapped taxon concept (EOL page ID), richness score of mapped page, and source hierarchy....
  • Copepod sizes

    Measured from specimen photos in EOL with scale bars visible.
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