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  • MIP EOL Microbes Patch

    Bacteria & microbial Eukaryotes to complement NCBI & WoRMS coverage. Hierarchy follows NCBI & Adl et al. 2019. References Adl, S. M., et al. 2019. Revisions to the...
  • EOL Trilobites Patch

    Trilobite species from the Paleobiology database.
  • EOL Dynamic Hierarchy Trunk (trunk)

    This is the trunk for the EOL reference hierarchy. It determines the relationships among the higher taxa and adds a few taxa that are not covered by other resources. The EOL DH...
  • EOL Mammals Patch

    Mammal taxa to complement ITIS mammal data & support mammal trait data sets. References Abello, M.A., Reyes, M.D.L., Candela, A.M., Pujos, F., Voglino, D., Quispe, B.M.,...
  • Bad Synonyms

    taxonIDs of synonyms that should be removed from DH 1.1
  • EOL Earthworms Patch (EET) - active

    Taxonomic hierarchies & species lists for Crassiclitellata, Haplotaxidae, Moniligastridae, Syngenodrilidae, Tiguassuidae to complement Catalogue of Life coverage. Compiled...
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