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  • Body Length Data for North American Beetles

    Body size data for North American beetles extracted from The Insects and Arachnids of Canada: Bright, D.E., 1976. The insects and arachnids of Canada, Part 2. The bark beetles...
  • NMNH Botany Plant Habit Data

    Plant growth form data from specimen labels in the collections of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History Botany Department.
  • Copepod sizes

    Measured from specimen photos in EOL with scale bars visible.
  • Toxins

    Various datasets about toxicity of organisms.
  • Price SA et al, 2012

    Price SA, Hopkins SSB, Roth VL, Smith KK(2012) Data from: Tempo of trophic evolution and its impact on mammalian diversification. Dryad Digital Repository....