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  • White and Seymour, 2014

    White CR, Seymour RS (2014) Data from: The role of gravity in the evolution of mammalian blood pressure. Dryad Digital Repository. doi:10.5061/dryad.dv1j5
  • Chen and Moles, 2015

    Chen, S.-C. and Moles, A. T. (2015), A mammoth mouthful? A test of the idea that larger animals ingest larger seeds. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 24: 1269–1280. doi:...
  • NMNH Botany Elevation Data

    Elevation data from specimens in the collections of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History Botany Department.
  • Odonata Dataset

    Various Odonata measurements that were gathered from various locations.
  • DC Flowering Dates

    This dataset has no description

  • Littler et al 2000

    Littler, D.S., M.M. Littler and B. L. Brooks (2000) Checklist of marine algae and seagrasses from the embayments of the Pelican Cays, Belize, C.A. Atoll Res. Bull. No. 474:...
  • Myhrvold et al. 2015

    Nathan P. Myhrvold, Elita Baldridge, Benjamin Chan, Dhileep Sivam, Daniel L. Freeman, and S. K. Morgan Ernest. 2015. An amniote life-history database to perform comparative...
  • van Tienhoven, 2003

    van Tienhoven, A. and W. V. Garrison. 2003. The Milk Composition of Non-Dairy Animals: A Supplement to Asdell's Patterns of Mammalian Reproduction. Version 1.0. Ithaca, N.Y.